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Medical Exams

Every client referred to SEMO-NASV will be offered a medical exam by a professional healthcare provider, specially trained in abuse and sexual assault evaluations. The medical evaluation has two purposes: to ensure the health and safety of the client and to identify any evidence of sexual abuse/assault or child physical abuse.

When there is a concern that a child has been sexually abused, a SAFE (Sexual Assault Forensic Exam) will be scheduled. A SAFE is a comprehensive, non-invasive medical examination that is much like a well-child check-up. The exam will take place in our exam room at SEMO-NASV. No child will ever be restrained during the exam and it is the child’s choice whether the exam is completed. Children may choose to have a support person in the examination room with them.

A CARE (Child at Risk Exam) is a comprehensive, head-to-toe physical exam used to document recent or past physical trauma to a child. It will also take place in SEMO-NASV’s exam room. We photograph all physical evidence collected during a CARE exam.

Adult clients seeking medical services are offered a comprehensive exam including gathering past medical history, event history and a physical exam. Forensic collection, photographic documentation of injuries, STI prophylaxis, emergency contraception, and discharge/follow-up instructions are provided as indicated. SEMO-NASV medical providers will refer clients to outside agencies for additional follow up medical services if needed.